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Monday, July 22, 2013

Musik Monday: Rammstein's "Du Hast" performed by The Schwaben Dancers

It's crunch time (Bar exam is a week from tomorrow and I'm more freaked out than I can explain), but I saw this video and had to share.

For those of you not around in the late 90's, not into German music (I don't know how you got here then, but welcome!), or not into metal, this is a German dance group performing to Rammstein's most famous hit (at least in the USA) "Du Hast."  The dance group calls it the "Rammertanz" (Rammer, short for Rammstein and Tanz, which means dance).

I saw more traditional German folk dances in the past year as Steuben Parade Princess than in my entire life before then, but I never saw anything like this.  The group took this heavy metal song and put it to traditional folk dance moves.  I love unexpected crossovers so this was a complete treat for me.