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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

World Nutella day!

Today is World Nutella Day!  Yay!  Unfortunately, I've been snowed in all day, so by the time I found out, I had no chance to go out and get Nutella.  Boo!

There's no reason nobody else can enjoy it though.  I urge everyone to at the very least, enjoy a spoonful.  I plan to do some late celebrating in the near future with this Nutella-stuffed brown butter sea salt chocolate chip cookies recipe.  I've been trying to eat healthier, but this might just be perfect to have as a special treat. I'll just have to share with some other people so I'm not tempted to eat them all.

Nutella is Italian, but I don't think I'd love it so much if not for trips to Germany as a kid.  It tastes better on freshly baked German rolls than on anything else.  Plus, a Ferrero plant in Stadtallendorf, Germany produces the Nutella for Germany and northern Europe.
No need to explain why it's relevant to this blog.  It's delicious.  That's reason enough.

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  1. I cannot believe that there is such a thing. What a hoot. I must try this stuff. Also saw your article on Nast. Sehr Gut. He was also responsible for the Democratic donkey and the Republican Elephant and the Tammany Tiger--probably the greatest cartoonist of the 19th Century. One other thing almost all of the Twinnies videos are over four years old. No US tour. Franzi tours with the Stephanie Hertel band and Astrid has mostly droped out of professional music. I am working on a longer article for my own newsletter right now. They are awfuly talented. The lesson: you can't stay a teenager for ever. But take a look at Franzi's facebook page. Gotta go out and get some nuttella.