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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I'm Spartacus!

Actually, I'm not Spartacus, I'm Elise.  This is Spartacus:

He's pretty much the coolest cat ever.  There might be a lot of him in this blog.  There he is on my bookshelf, nestled between my casebooks for school.  That's actually a pretty accurate depiction of my life right there.

So, it says a little in the "about me" section, but I thought I'd try to introduce my vision for this blog in the first post.  I'm a law student who does some crafts in my free time (of which there is little).  I'm hoping to expend a little energy in a blog to show off what I'm working on so I can bother some people other than my boyfriend (who's sweet about it but probably doesn't really care about the crafts much).  I'll also put some other things going on from time to time, but try to keep the focus on crafts and some German/Germany related things.

I'd better get back to studying, but I'll try to get some posts up soon!

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