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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Simple Scarves

The lack of posting is due to school keeping me a lot busier this semester than expected.  I'm sure there will be a few huge breaks in time between posts.  Apologies in advance.

This post has a great scarf pattern at the bottom to show how sorry I am :)

Anyway, I realized that I needed to get something for my boyfriend's family for Christmas.  This was a lot closer to the holidays than I'm willing to admit.  I'm pretty proud of what I gave his brother's family: A Where's-Waldo-esque book but with the Characters from the Cars movies for his nephew, booties and a little headband I crocheted for his niece (I wish I had taken pictures, I was so proud of how they came out...and that they fit her), and for his brother and sister-in-law a precious moments figure of a little blonde boy next to a box of tools screwdriver in hand working on a snowman with a John Deere hat on - it was such a spitting image of their son that I couldn't resist.

I made the reindeer ornament in another post for his aunt...then realized I had nothing for his sister and brother-in-law!  I didn't find anything in stores and time was running out.  Then I thought, "duh, you taught yourself to crochet.  Use that craft little brain of yours!"

So I did.  I made 2 scarves using the same stitching pattern.  They came out (thankfully) looking pretty different though.

Pictures and pattern below:

Laid out next to each other.  I made them pretty long since nobody in his family is short I knew I could.
A close-up of the one for his sister.  I used one of the multicolored "camo" yarns.  Not quite what I had hoped for, but it came out interesting!
Close up of the one for his brother-in-law.  Forest green, white, black, white, forest green.  I was really proud of this one (even though it was pretty simple).
They fringes honestly took the most time and effort, but this is also the first time I've actually done them for a my cat, Spartacus, kept stealing the yarn I cut for them.

Simple pattern, rave reviews (from what I was told at least).  I think people always tend to appreciate homemade gifts, which is good, because I like making them!
Best part about it - they got me this awesome really colorful scarf for Christmas!  Guess it was a good year for scarves!

Here's the site where I got the scarf pattern:

Happy crocheting!

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