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Monday, June 4, 2012

Musik Monday - Die Twinnies

My friend sent me this the other day and it's just too great to not pass along:

In case you didn't catch that, here it is with English subtitles:

It's a music group made up of two German girls who sing, skate, and play accordions (and other instruments) simultaneously.  It's sort of corny music, but you have to give these girls credit for the show they put on; Most "musicians" can barely sing, let alone play instruments.  And doing both while on skates is insane!  They come close to giving Weird Al a run for his money.

I did a little research on their website (warning, there's sound) and found that Astrid and Franziska aren't actually twins, but they are best friends and "inseparable like twins".  They've been singing and making music since they were young children and did it because it was fun.  They did it more because it made other people happy.  They learned accordion from Franziska's father, who teaches people how to play the instrument.  They started off just playing and singing, but decided to incorporate another activity they love - roller skating.

Though they exemplify the traditional Bavarian music style of their home, they love current music as well and play many pop and rock songs on the electric guitar and electric bass guitar.  They hope to mix traditional and current music in their own style.  I encourage everyone to check out the website for these talented girls!  They may not be actively making or performing music now (I couldn't figure that out), but they're certainly entertaining!

One of the greatest things about the video is how it shows a pretty typical German audience.  Understandably, part of it has to do with the venue, but look at how they all sit and clap with a slight side to side swaying.  In almost all my experience (with the slight exception of some clubs in Germany - though many were also full of international students), that's what Germans do when they love music.

At least they had enough enthusiasm to make matching signs
I personally love it.  I'll be honest, I am not in my element when it comes to dancing, unless it's some sort of line dancing.  Give me Cotton Eyed Joe or Cha Cha Slide any day and I can dance the heck out of those.  But music where there's no specific dance to learn?  That's one of the most frightening things to me.  It must be the German in me that's terrified.


  1. I love their video! From Stefan Hajdu, a 13 year old Hungarian-Colombian who loves goulash.

    1. Hopefully it provided something to watch while eating some goulash :)

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Man, I can't believe on how good they are at singing, playing, and roller skating at the same time. Thats coordination.

    1. I agree! Wish I could do any one of those things at a time.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  3. My little son and I simply love the Twinnies. We have seen many of their YouTube videos. Unfortunately my knowledge of German is zero. Does anybody know if they are coming on a tour to US or Canada?

  4. I can't believe they are not twins! No two people look so much alike sound so much a like and not even related! Come on!