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Monday, June 25, 2012

Musik Monday - Heino, Ich hab mein Herz in Heidelberg verloren

I got extremely Nostalgic tonight for my time studying abroad in Heidelberg after one of the Facebook pages I liked, German Girls Helping German Girls in America, posted many many pictures from the city tonight.

I stalled on putting up a song today and actually had a different one planned, but at the last minute, I knew I had to post this one:

Gotta love the winter photos when they talk about a balmy summer

The song is more about missing a woman the singer met in Heidelberg after he left the city, but most will quote the song as a way to say that they miss the city.  Here are lyrics that translate the song from German to English.  I love the above video because it shows the beauty of the city and gives an inkling of how amazing it is.

I also feel the need to share some of my photos from my time in Heidelberg (after the break):

Outside my favorite Heidelberg cafe

Die Lebendiges Geist sign outside in Universitaetsplatz

Along the walk back to my dorm

A view from the Neckarweise along the Neckar river

Me, a friend from college, and a friend from Australia hiking up the mountain

That famous view from Philosophenweg

Thingsstaate - view from the top

One of those fun nights going out with friends from around the world

The annual fireworks show where they make the castle look like it's on fire

At the Castle

View from the castle

View from the top of the castle - how gorgeous is that?

A giant annual rave up at Thingsstaate - this picture doesn't do it justice at all

View of the castle from the mountain at night

I think I have like 20 pictures just of this view

A park along the Philosophenweg

My home for 6 months - the dorm I lived in just outside the city

Our "Hauskatze".  She was so adorable, but eventually the RA-type person made us keep her out of the dorms

Even the restaurants were pretty

More along the walk to our dorm

The Brueckenaffe - I rubbed the mirror so that means I'll be returning to the city.

It's a good thing I rubbed the mirror that the "Bridge Monkey" holds because legend has it that if you do, you'll return to Heidelberg.  And, well, Ich hab mein Herz in Heidelberg verloren (I lost my heart in Heidelberg)!

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