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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Losing never tasted so sweet!

I couldn't resist making a celebratory post about Germany taking First place and USA taking 2nd place in Group G!

Also, the Google Doodle is too good to pass up sharing.  This is one of my favorite ones yet!

Hope everyone enjoyed the game, whether in Germany or America.  And thanks to Portugal for winning their game!  Let's be real, G was by far the most exciting group to watch.
Our boss was generous and let us watch the game on one of the televisions in the office.

Did anyone take off of work to watch?  I know there were some office parties out there and plenty of conference rooms full of snacks and game watching.  I brought in surprise soccer cupcakes; half were Red, White & Blue inside and the other half were Gold, Red & Black inside.

Now lets just keep the soccer frenzy alive USA!!

(source: Business Insider)

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