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Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Puzzling Post

It's been almost 2 months since I've posted.  I made a goal in June during a 6 week challenge to make a post a week, or 6 posts in those 6 weeks.  I did that!  But after the challenge, the habit didn't stick and I faltered again.  I'm not sure how to improve my posting consistency and persistence, but I'm going for 2 posts a week, even if they're small like this one.  I may need to set aside specific time, so it's like an enjoyable chore.  I really do love writing in this blog and sharing German things and crafts.  It's just very easy to get distracted by life.  How do others make sure they post consistently in a personal blog?

Here's a simple post with fun pictures about one of my favorite hobbies...puzzles of course!  I love puzzles, but rarely finish them because my cat loves to attack them.  I'm pretty sure one I've been working on recently is missing many pieces thanks to Spartacus hunting them and then carrying them off.  At least I haven't found any in his water bowl, a place where he likes to drop other toys.

cat puzzle
The stalk

cat puzzle
The hunt

cat puzzle
The theft

cat puzzle
The destruction
I have the mat to roll up the puzzle, but as you can see, Spartacus doesn't care if I'm right in the middle of fitting a piece in the puzzle.  Sometimes, I do manage to finish the whole thing with minimal cat interference!  One day, when there was no work to do, my coworkers and I put together a puzzle.  I consider it a great way to build teamwork (great excuse for fun).  After we finished, someone had the idea to put our names on the box.  We had signed another puzzle and framed it, but this one was a family gift and we didn't want to ruin it.  She also wanted the chance to build it again in the future.  So, we signed and dated the box instead.

Finished work puzzle!
That gave me the idea to do the same thing with my own puzzles.  Since then, I've been putting my name and the date on the inside of the box lid.  I like redoing puzzles, so it will be nice to look back at when or if I had done it in the past.  And if others complete it later and add their names, that's even more fun!

farm puzzle
Farm/sign puzzle was so fun
One more thing: the dollar store is the best place to find random puzzles to do.  They don't always have anything, but they're only a dollar and sometimes are 500+ pieces!

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