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Monday, September 29, 2014

Musik Monday - Die Twinnies: Where are they now?

My most popular post by far is Musik Monday - Die Twinnies from over 2 years ago.  When I first posted the video, it was already 2 years old itself and what happened to the adorable rollerskating, accordion-playing, singing duo was a mystery.  Now, 4 years after the video was first posted, people are still writing comments about how much they love it and asking whatever happened to the girls.  I don't have all the answers, but I did some investigating and came up with something for all you Twinnies fans.

Franziska and Astrid in the Twinnies days (source:

According to the birthdays listed on the duo's Wikipedia page, Astrid and Franziska are now both 18 years old (they were about 13 when the original video was made).  Unfortunately, it looks like the girls have chosen different paths and, at least as far as their music careers go, parted ways.  While Franziska (Franzi) is still in the public eye and pursuing music, Astrid seems to have stepped out of the limelight for a more private life.

Honestly, all I could find of Astrid is what I think is her Facebook page.  Please do *not* friend her or bother her using that link.  First of all, I can't be 100% sure it's her (only 99% sure), and secondly, it's private for a reason.  It looks like that's her personal Facebook for her personal life.  I'm not sure how she'd feel about fan mail, but if you do send messages or anything, please be kind and respectful.  It looks like she's happy and surrounded by some good friends.  Hopefully all is going well for her!

Die Twinnies Astrid before and after
Astrid then and now (source: Facebook)

Franzi was a lot easier to find.  Her Facebook page is made for her fans, so please like it to keep up with what she's doing!  She's still performing music on stage, but it looks like she may have taken a small break for a couple of years.

Die Twinnies Franzi before & after
Franzi then and now (source: Facebook)

Since June 2013, Franzi has been in Stefanie Hertel's DirndlRockBand.  Thanks to that, she's been touring with them in several countries and been with them on stage on on television.  Franzi's Facebook page also chronicles her adventures on the road and what she's doing outside of the band.  She writes in German, but there are plenty of pictures and there's always the Google translate button.  I'm sure she'd love to not only have more likes on her page, but also to hear from her fans.  Hopefully her music career continues strong and her talent shines through!

DirndleRockBand (source:

Franzi performing with Stefanie Hertel at Musi Open Air 2014 (source: Facebook)

All is not lost Twinnies fans! Franzi also has a youtube account.  And there are some videos of her and Astrid hidden among the other great videos.  Here's the most recent one I could find.  Enjoy!

 Both girls have become beautiful young ladies and I wish them success in whatever they choose to pursue!  Hopefully this was helpful to everyone curious about where Die Twinnies are now!


  1. Thanks for the info on Die Twinnies, both in this post and your earlier one from a couple of years ago. I discovered them the other day on YouTube and your blog was one of the few hits in English that gave an informative background on them. Watching them made me sorry my siblings and I gave my father's accordion to a music shop after his death, because now I wish to try to learn it. I honestly think they're more talented than Justin Bieber or anyone who appears on America's Got Talent! It's a little sad to hear they parted ways, but at least they're still both enjoying careers in music.

  2. They were always great. I am fortunate enough to have their card autographed by both. I would post it but am not sure how to do that.

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  5. Astrid and her Family in Wanderhotel Huttenhof - Germany

  6. Astrid and her Family in Wanderhotel Huttenhof - Germany

  7. Astrid and her Family in Wanderhotel Huttenhof -Germany

  8. Hello Astrid / Franzee , It's Cammy O'Keefe here , just wondering if there is any sheet music from the Twinnies album?
    P.S I'm very fond of your music....
    Love from Cammy O'Keefe

  9. This Die Twinnies Album has apparently sold out and likely out of circulation, except for some individuals who want to sell it for a premium, but if anyone wants this album it is still available via Amazon via MP3 files which can be downloaded. Songs can be bought individually and collectively for around 8 dollars.

  10. Having recently finding Die Twinnies on YouTube and enjoying their music, I find it very sad to hear they have gone their seperate ways. One can only hope their music remains on YouTube for many years to come.

  11. i agree sad they had it all could have gone all the way to the top found them by accident now hooked

  12. I just discovered these two talented girls. Makes me with I was "several decades" younger. I am a crusty old guy but fell in love with both of these very talented artists. I would love to see more of the world as these two young ladies exhibit. Bless you both and please never lose sight of your fans.

  13. Franzi is cute, BUT, Astrid is the sweetheart of the show. I sure would like to visit the Hotel her parents own and get her autograph; and just maybe a kiss on the cheek - now that would be heaven!!

  14. I wonder if either of these two sweeties would be interested in marrying a 72 soon to be 73 old whatever I am. They are soooooo cute. Best of luck to the both of them no matter what path they take.