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Monday, March 26, 2012

Musik Monday - Glücklich

I've decided to try to force some consistency on this blog, so I'm going to do a Musik Monday (or Music Montag).  I'll put up something to do with music weekly on mondays, maybe just a song or something about an artist or band.  Music has been such an important part of my life and it's something that transcends all cultures and lifestyles.  What better for a blog that celebrates my cultures?

I have a big entry involving country music planned, but I want to do it justice, so I'll hold off for a week or two.

For today, I wanted to share a song by Farin Urlaub named "Glücklich".  I love him and all the members of Die Ärzte.  I actually found a band poster while I was studying abroad in Heidelberg and brought it home.  It's not horribly classy, but it's a centerpiece in my apartment, right above my tv.  What better way to decorate than those 3 talented men?  

We learned this song one of my years at Waldsee German Camp.  Some of the words were changed (The dominatrix line was changed to "Bist du Bürgermeister oder liefest du das Brot"), but the message made clear in the refrain stayed the same:
It doesn't matter what you are as long as you're happy.

I'm glad I listened to this song today.  I'm heading in a direction now where I won't be using my law degree in a traditional way and the ways I'm looking to use it won't earn me much money at all.  I just need to remember that what matters is that I enjoy what I'm doing.
This is such a be yourself, you're a unique individual, don't cave into peer pressure, be happy as you are and with what you have song.  I love it.  It's also some good German music.

Note the crazy huge smile at 2:37

Expect more of Die Ärzte in the future.  They rank in my top 10 bands in any language hands down.

Music makes Mondays more manageable.  Happy Monday!

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