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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pi Day 2012!

It's Pi Day!  Almost the ides of March, but even better.

Some not-so-nerdy people may not get it.  March 14 is also 3/14 or 3.14, which equals Pi (π).  So, some of us geekier people find it important and necessary to celebrate the day.  Tonight, I'm "baking" a pie for Pi Day!  I'd have done it earlier, but I was too lazy to get ingredients and then was at a basketball game until tonight.

I ended up making a pie out of my Costco cookbook called "Chocolate Peanut Butter Mouse Pie" by Eagle Brand/Jif.  It uses a premade graham cracker crust, which made my life easier since I have no pie pan.  There's a layer of sweetened condensed milk/melted semisweet chocolate chip mixture over the bottom of the pie crust.  On top of that is a layer of:
1 cup peanut butter (I used creamy skippy because I have like 5 jars of it), the condensed milk not used in the chocolate mixture, and an 8oz package of cream cheese - beat until smooth.  Then I had to fold in cool whip...which I completely forgot about and had to make a run for (and wait an hour for it to thaw).  Then spooned the mix on top of the chocolate layer.  Part of the chocolate mixture was set aside and put in a plastic bag.  Then I cut off the corner for some Pi Day decoration on top of the pie (and the baggie decided to burst open on the side so it's not perfect since I was holding its guts in on the side).  After this, I froze it for an hour...then took it out for a picture and froze it again since I didn't want pie right now and want it intact when I share it!

Happy Pi Day!!

Pi Statue
Giant Pi outside a tech school for your enjoyment

Pi Day Pie
Getting this thing in the freezer took a *lot* of effort and Tetris-like skills
Pi Day Pie
Wonderful no-bake finished product

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