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Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patty's Nails

I may be the crafty German, but I've got a little Irish blood in me. So, I have to have a little green for Saint Patrick's Day. I have a shamrock covered scarf in my hair, but that's not enough. So, after several attempts, I came up with some Saint Patrick's Day nails.

They're not perfect or up to my standards really, but I'm still pretty happy with them. I intended to have the design on the thumbs on all the fingers except the ring finger, but when the clovers started looking like hemp leaves, I just painted the whole nails dark green. So, 3 fingers green, ring gold, and shamrocks on the thumbs.
For colors, I used

  • N.Y.C. "French White Tip"
  • N.Y.C. in a New York Color Minute Quick dry "Flat Iron Green"
  • Claire's "14 Karats"

Again, not my best work, but I'm overall satisfied with the end product - I got a couple of compliments so that's some nice reassurance.

Saint Patrick's Day Nails
Left hand
Saint Patrick's Day Nails
Right hand
Saint Patrick's Day Nails
The thumbs...this was a really hard picture to take with my camera phone

Saint Patrick's Day Nails
These are the colors I used

As for celebrations, I haven't been to any parades, but might march in the one for my hometown with the Girl Scout troop I'm an assistant leader for next weekend.  I spent last night in a German restaurant with a bunch of friends (which was awesome!!  One of the best German restaurants I've ever been to - Old Heidelberg) eating schnitzel and drinking Hefeweizen beer.  Today, I spent the day with my boyfriend visiting his brother's family.  We got to see his niece and nephew though who are both super adorable!  Our St. Patrick's Day food consisted of Stewart's ice cream, vegan (plus cheese for us) burritos, pb&j, and leftovers from last night.  

Aaaanddd, we had my Pi Day peanut butter chocolate pie that I posted about 3 days about.  It was absolutely amazing.  Seriously, simple recipe that takes minimal effort.  I might tweak it slightly, but I would recommend it to everybody.  It was so light and wonderful.  My boyfriend couldn't stop complimenting it - and he made sure I knew it was genuine praise.

Not the most Irish celebrations, but I figured out how to do St. Patrick's Day nails and had good times with friends.  Couldn't ask for much better!

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