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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Barbie's Dreambike

Studying for finals in law school is extremely draining.  Obviously, sometimes you just need a break.  Sometimes that break involves a little pranking mischief.
So, I went to a friend's house and she made dinner for us and both of our boyfriends.  After dinner, they were ready for bed and we all went to our respective homes.  But, my boyfriend and I took a little pitstop at the other guy's shop first.

See, at his shop, he has some vehicles stored, including his motorcycle.  The guys are away this weekend doing track days on their motorcycles, but the bikes were still in the garage of the shop for some last minute tune ups.

With the aide of hot pink spray paint and some painter's tape, we made a major tune up to our friend's motorcycle.

(More pictures after the break)

Pink motorcycle
We were nice enough to leave some of it the original colors
Pink motorcycle
The view most of the riders on the track will have
Pink motorcycle
Some last minute stenciled additions.  The Gorilla just makes it perfect.

How's that for a craft?

I neglected to take any "before" photos, but the bike was originally mostly the blue color of the part above the front tire in the first picture.  We also taped off the gray parts and the part with the number before we painted to be nice.  Between dismantling all the body work, taping off, painting, letting pieces dry, and reassembling, it took a good chunk of time.

We weren't that cruel though - this was new bodywork our friend bought with the intention of painting it at some point.  We didn't paint over anything he cared about too much or worked hard on or paid a lot for.  He'll end up sanding down and painting over the pink eventually anyway.

I can't wait to see pictures of him on the track riding around on this pink mess.  Apparently he thought it was great and funny, which is a relief.  That means he won't retaliate on anything of ours.

Though, if I had a motorcycle, I really don't think I'd mind it being blindingly pink like that.

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