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Monday, April 16, 2012

Musik Monday - The Power of Music

This is a little different than my usual Musik Monday posts, but when I saw this video, I knew I had to share it with many, many people:

I grew up with music being an enormous part of my life.  It was always on in the car, and I knew the words to almost every oldies song before I started Kindergarten.  I played violin and piano since before elementary school and continued through college.  I even visit pep band for college basketball games and break out my electric violin.
 I taught myself basic guitar.  I sing in the shower, in the car, in public.  I know my voice isn't the best, but public speaking scares me a lot more than public singing.  I even became part of protest efforts (probably the youngest of the crowd) when one of the oldest stations in New York, 101.1 WCBSFM "got Jacked" and shut down.  We got the music back and then some!   I choose to go to churches that do a good chunk of worship through music.

Music was instrumental to me learning German at every stage of the process.  We has singing as part of the classroom at German school and we learned and constantly sang German songs at German camp.  We had a big language celebration with all the camps called I-Tag (International Day) and everyone was involved in the music and dance.  It brought everyone together so amazingly.  I did a presentation in college about the power of music in teaching language.  It really helps in all learning though.  Remember School House Rock?  Even in law school we're still watching "I'm Just a Bill".

I can't get over the amazing power of music.

Just another note - the video above features Oliver Sacks who is one of my heroes.  He's an author and neurologist who looks at some of the most interesting research involving the brain I have ever seen.  As a psychology major interested in the neurological and cognitive aspects of the subject, Oliver Sacks was always a must read.  I plan to finally read Musicophilia  this summer.  I cannot recommend his work enough:

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