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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Egg-cellent Easter Part 1

Like many families, we have a tradition of dying eggs for Easter.  I put much more work into it than most do.  We usually do a "hunt" on Easter morning even though I'm 23 and my brother's almost 28.  It's a big deal (since I always beat him by 1 or so).  This is the first year we didn't do the hunt, but I still made some awesome eggs!

Egg Dye in Mugs
The prep: Primary colors + green
Dyed Easter Eggs
Finished Product
Left to Right (top): green, red, orange, teal, rainbow, everything (aka dino egg)
Left to Right (bottom): blue, yellow, purple, mint green, drizzle rainbow, yellow w/ blue details (was going for plaid, got lazy)

Rainbow Easter Egg
This was my favorite one this year.  I realized I should have done some things to do this better.
The process:
Dip just over half of the egg in yellow (about to where you want the green to end)
After it's yellow, take it out and let it dry, make sure there's no drops of liquid because they'll mess up the pattern
Dip the top 1/4 or so in red, but not so long that the orange color is lost (if it is, dip it in yellow again)
Lift it up so that only the top 1/8 or so is in the red dye - the red part should be more saturated in red than the orange
Let it dry
Turn the egg around, dip the bottom 1/8 or so in red - there should be a space between the yellow and new red for blue
Let it dry
Dip the bottom in blue long enough so the green, blue, and purple show, but not so long that there's no green
You're done and have a rainbow egg!

Rainbow Easter Egg
My #2 favorite
If you do this, you might want rubber gloves so that you fingers aren't stained for days
Just get some dye in the spoon and let it drizzle over the egg in the path it chooses
Totally abstract and fun.  I'd do a Jackson Pollock egg (splattering dye), but I have a feeling that would get really messy
Down the Drain
And then all the colors down the drain

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