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Monday, April 2, 2012

Musik Monday - Wise Guys Deutsche Bahn

My mom sent me this video earlier today and it wasn't until after a long day of classes that I got to watch it.  She loves the Wise Guys and got to see them live as a foreign language teacher conference.  Awesome accapella, awesome humor as always from the Wise Guys.  They're at the top of my list for German music.  They're definitely inspired by Die Comedian Harmonists (I can say that with relative confidence because they have a song called "Die Comedian Harmonists").  This is another group you'll all likely see a lot of music from on here in the future.  I'm a big fan of this kind of clever talent.  It's almost got a Weird Al taste to it (there will be so much on Weird Al soon by the way).

Senk ju for träveling wis Deut-sche Bahn

There's a great Denglish (Deutsch-English/German-English mix) component to the song that really cracked me up.  When I was abroad in Germany, my friends and I would always try to imitate the Germans speaking English in announcements - I usually did better relying on the German announcements since the accents were so heavy with English!

I never ran into these kind of problems on Deutsche Bahn.  Makes me wonder what Germans think of our public transportation.  At least Metro-North has some new train cars, but I feel like I'd never be able to rely on the trains here as my main source of transportation like I do in Germany.

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