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Monday, April 23, 2012

Musik Monday - Kids singing Rammstein

A friend posted this on my facebook wall (timeline?  I don't know, they forced the change on me and I have no idea what to call anything on facebook anymore) recently.  I get a lot of "This is German, you'll love this" kind of posts - and that's usually really accurate.


This video is amazing for so many reasons.

First of all, Rammstein is awesome.  I'll be honest - I used to hate them.  I thought they were overhyped and had nothing better than loud noise.  Then a few things happened.
First, I dated a guy really into metal and was sort of forced to learn to enjoy Rammstein-type music.  Then I started dating another guy who also enjoys this kind of music (guess I have a type?).  Finally, and most significantly, I got roped into doing a project on Rammstein while I was studying in Heidelberg.  In my German Popmusik class, I made the comment to the professor that Rammstein's song "Dalai Lama" has a (purposefully) strong parallel to Goethe's poem "Erlkonig".  This made him think I wanted to do a presentation on Rammstein.  It was extra credit and my favorite class, so I did, and it was wonderful.  I actually got into the history of the band and the lyrics to their songs.  They have some of the most poetic and amazing lyrics.  They deal with taboo issues that others won't touch.  They sing about current events.  They use classic literature in their music.  They are amazing at word play.  Long story short, after that presentation, I love them.

Second, that little drummer is so young but so good!  Keeping rhythm is not easy and she's doing a bang up job (pun intended).

Third, look at the ages of all those kids!  And other videos show even more talent - multiple instruments and languages and styles.  Extremely impressive.

Fourth, 3:45 in the video just makes me really happy.

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